Samsung r810c Finesse Review – Straight Talk

The Samsung Finesse r810c was released for Straight Talk Wireless in December, 2009, and created a LOT of buzz among prepaid phone users. At first glance, the r810c appears to be everything prepaid users have been dreaming of: it includes a large touch screen, high-speed EVDO data connection, music player, 2.0 mp camera, camcorder, bluetooth, and many other features.

To top it all off, this phone is now available on Straight Talk’s inexpensive, no-contract plans. At $45 per month, the unlimited calling, text, and data plan is pretty appealing, especially when that data is coming over a 3G connection. For people who, like me, are geeky enough to lust after the iPhone but “frugal” enough to stick to prepaid, this might be the perfect solution.

In fact, I couldn’t resist. After reading a few of the initial reviews of the Finesse from other Straight Talk users, I bit the bullet and purchased my own Samsung r810c, along with a month of unlimited service.I’ve just received the phone, and I’m so enamored with the device I set up a separate Samsung r810c website to publish my review of the phone and share tips and tricks with other Straight Talk users. As I gain more experience with the Finesse, I’ll be putting up a very detailed review of the phone. I’ll also do my best to answer any questions that people might have if I happen to miss important information in my review.

As I said above, I’ve only had the phone a few days, so I haven’t used it enough to really test it out. Here’s what I can tell you so far, though – the voice quality seems adequate, but not fantastic. I would say it’s on par with the Samsung r451c, another Straight Talk phone released earlier this fall, but not quite as good as the LG 290c and 220c, also recent models on Straight Talk.

What is beyond compare, though, is the touch screen and EVDO browser. The touch screen definitely takes some getting used to, but I think I’ll grow to like it. It’s similar to an iPhone or iPod touch as far as how the touch screen works, but just a little different in sensitivity.

One thing worth noting here is that, unlike the aforementioned Apple products, the Finesse lacks “multi-touch” functionality. This means that the screen can sense only one “touch” at time, thus preventing use of Apple’s popular pinch-to-zoom operation. As an iPod touch user, I find that a little disappointing. Beyond that disappointment, though, I like the touch screen. This is the first touch-screen phone I’ve used. It’s nice to use, and even nicer to look at it

One thing that I really like is the EVDO internet access. I’ve had several phones now with internet access, but used them all very little because they were so slow. That is not the case with the r810c’s 3G data. It’s certainly not as fast as broadband internet at your home, but it’s fast enough that I’d be happy to use it to pass time while waiting in a waiting room or as a passenger in a vehicle.Just as a point of reference, I was able to load the CNN website in about a minute, complete with a dozen pictures. On previous prepaid phones, if it loaded at all it would have taken several minutes to load a site like CNN, and that wouldn’t have included any pictures at all.

To check my email from my Yahoo! email account, it took me about 3 minutes to load the site, enter my password, and download my messages. I then reset the home page to yahoo mail, and saved my login info automatically. Now I can get to my new messages in about 45 seconds.