Samsung Finesse – Straight Talk’s Top Option

Tracfone’s Straight Talk prepaid plans are one of the best on the market. So far, the sensation was not complete because of the limited phone offer. More and more people want to get rid of all those two years contracts that obligate them to pay enormous fees monthly but they couldn’t get rid of the feeling that phone, that they could choose and use on a daily basis, is unattractive and poor with features. In people’s nature is a desire for beautiful things so possibility of having a high-end touch screen smartphone that works with affordable prepaid plans, can really make a big difference in many people’s lives.

For those who were considering a prepaid plan for $30 a month, with 1000 minutes of talking, 1000 text messaging and 30 MB of data usage or unlimited texting, talking and web browsing for only $45 a month, they were mostly turned off with available prepaid phones. On the other hand, many users, from desire and need to save money, have settled for less attractive and less quality phones from Straight Talk’s offer.That is why, this new phone offer from Tracfone’s Straight Talk made so many people trilled all over the country. Samsung Finesse, Straight Talk’s top option has finally met their needs. If you ask loyal users of the prepaid service about this new phone offer, they will tell you for sure that they deserve to enjoy the same advanced technology as with any other postpaid, contract based deals.

So many advanced features are now available with Samsung Finesse Smartphone. Awesome large touch screen display, similar to Apple’s iPhone, where you can touch and drag any widget you want to use, on the main screen. There is also a feature that allows sending text messages by actually writing on the screen.

If you consider that $45 Unlimited plan provides you with unlimited web browsing, you could not get the most out of this benefit with using previous prepaid phones from Straight Talk. Only now, with Samsung Finesse Smartphone, users get the opportunity to enjoy web browsing. Large touch screen display, the full HTML browser and the phone’s EVDO 3g speed make their new prepaid phone more functional than any other.

So, why this phone may be a good option for someone who is looking for a higher quality prepaid phone with an affordable monthly plan? Maybe because the users get a high end phone with everything unlimited (if they go for that plan), free of contracts that tie them down, great coverage through the Verizon network and all that for a low cost of just 45 dollars a month. There are no surprises. It is always the same price, no matter how much time you spend on your phone talking, texting or web browsing.For someone who does not have a lot of money, but has a desire for attractive cell phone, this is a good opportunity. It is more possible to collect certain amount of money, buy this cool cell phone and still, after that, save money for years to come on affordable unlimited prepaid plans. No matter what the reason is for buying this phone, it is good that it is the part of Straight Talk’s offer from now on so that people who want to have it, can buy it.